Basic Language Notes of Personal Experience : Translation

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Basic Language Notes
of Personal Experience : Translation
for The Fictional VolunTier Project
by Goura Fotadar
date: 4 dot 30 dot 16
& on 5 dot 1 dot 16

theme: righteous smack
song: breakfast at tiffany’s
citation: general radio on 4 dot 30 dot 16

1. of also means in
2. of also means by, as in authored by
3. around also means for
4. leaving also means blue the color of the skies? (some of the time)
she left, “I’m blue!”
but does blue actually mean said?  I meant sad, I guess maybe it means
or is like a state of focus: like the experience of looking at the skies, I imagine as I’ve experienced  (it: the experience of look-ing at Skies)
5. hereditary also means title
title means your relation if it’s a public title
6. for also means with
7.  in case you didn’t already know: “big” also means “great”
and great also means grate (in speech recognition)
so eternally speaking, big also means grate
that’s so “big” it “grates” on me,
but can I become “grateful” for it, ?
if it gives enough given its size of magnitude.
thank you, that’s very big of you: does that capture the big and grateful as one.
8. bus-ing like (two ‘s’ s ?)
being a bus, boy,
bus, girl; bus, sing a table,
is like moving in a wrestle-ing (the sport) fashion (or maybe a wrestling of the leaves but not flowers)
; uh, eh: an attitude of movement
9. Bar: In a situation (of) as opposed to a location
of merriness/ full
10. “in the state of” also means “by”
11. direct also means re-site (as in re-visit the location if even only in mind / sight)
12. Advertisement also means graduation
13. of relations also means from the like of: relation Sound also means in this context: from Sound (that-a One)
that-a One Sound
like “Sound in Mind … etc.”
14. Imagine a falling: into a gutter as a conception effect / affect of grammar: and flailing your arms up as you somehow perhaps are “magically” elevated enough so that “others” can Sea Your Flailing Arms, and would you want to be in A Sea or in the Gutter? (A Translation Imagination of Aid.) Quite Obvious, Put in the Words!

theme: he was required to work in high school; how un-usual?
cited: the Spanish Language,
and esp. its use in compre-(hend)-ing
the linguistic exchange of primarily: American English

fiction insert:

the mother of the opening to different
I am the rid of diagonal [sp]
a riddle on what
two gonads (sexuality because everything that has a gonad doesn’t have to reproduce)
ago (from past)
dial (movement to opening)
id, goa, nail , long (uhm, something is after your id through the mention of goa and the sight of your nail which means it can’t see often, and so cut your nails; unless you want to give up your id; and/or other rise! give a new way to recover away from the ? after your id)
I think that’s enough!


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