Art Charity Issues: I thought it would work !

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Art Charity Issues: I thought it would work !
date: 4.29.16
for The Fictional VolunTier Project
theme: good enough for now!
by Goura Fotadar

Updated Notes:
What used to be so easy,
isn’t anymore;


Brown Hearts
I’m not sure that they like me using “their” address to send-off art charity objects from;
in any case, they had stamps in a drawer, and I used some; but wasn’t comfortable using as many as likely these require to send off: three(?) ; as-in using that many consistently ; one envelope already made it back short on postage; and I’m guessing I sent off three this way or more (with not enough stamps): so we’ll see which ones make it to their addressed: destinations, and the ones that turn up short …
and inthose cases: of returned envelopes, I’ll just have to add more postage purchased today from the 20.00 dollars and uhm; like I did add two more today to the envelope that was returned short on postage; and Hope it and the others will  make it soon-enough.
theme: I feel so bad that they didn’t make it through or might not have that I could be crying.
theme: fiction-reel: coke and chocolate my medicine. (decent to high quantities every two weeks, to create the real medicinal effect )

thought: notes: wait and see if they come back the ones all of ; to estimate how many stamps are required; otherwise: do it the good ol’ way which is to walk to the closest (walk-able well the good ol’ way I might suppose would include driving but in my case at-present: walking to the : ) … postage send-off center or something .

 cited: google maps as accessed and sum as walked X2 (forth-and-back from here)

Screenshot (640)

theme: apparently the magic of waiting is part of this portion of this enterprise

(other, wise Notes: the memory record of the ones that went through with the estimated weight in mind and postage stamps that work in amount to send off; would
be reliable as a mainstream cost policy of stamps for this portion of the project; however, I have to weight and see (that’s not a typo). to see what happens with the current number of sendoffs/returns. But from a guess, they all weigh approximately the same amount .)


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