Thoughts on Nobility of Begging:

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Thoughts on Nobility of Begging:

by Goura Fotadar for

The Fictional VolunTier Project
111115; updated: 4.19.16  42016

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citation: general radio 4.19.16

Humility; is it in your Opinion; worth-it To Develop Such.
I think that to accomplish
what you want for the next generation; instead of being homeless for two years
or four; you can experience being humiliated by begging as a beggar
as one-day projects uhm to become of humility. My point is that you don’t need to become homeless among the destitution of any society, to experience the spiritual depth of begging.

A brief on the Environment in Social Context of Begging
Humility is really hard to develop; it’s not like
if you haven’t developed it: it means you’re incorrect; it’s more that it
develops in a social context; as in terms of Society. I always joke that
the relatives & their companions  I grew up with, and at current stay with and am in close proximity to; have been an
(in) extremely aggressive exercise in developing humility;
to provide a brief and past example: when my financial aid paid my way through my undergraduate mostly non-community college years, and I changed majors to Psychology; I had to start hiding my major; because as any ordinary college student with intention of both academic and career would do: I declared my new and changed-to major to my family (who by the way was not paying my way as just stated), and they started to threaten me with institutionalization if I did not drop out of college and change majors or just attend a less prestigious university. I then started to hide my major until I finally was done. This took me forever since that time, I fell for the first time: repeatedly seriously physically ill because of the Stress (likely).
and more-so(w) than  ( back to the original point in this longish statement:)
even having been/being homeless and some type of beggar .
Although, must be obvious and already pointed out: that I have literally been a beggar on the streets, unlike some other homeless people, unless of course; you count those that are recipients of welfare, and if you count welfare to be a beggar’s experience. This just depends on your perspective of what constitutes begging once the government takes it over. While not a beggar in society, I always thought that our society should be free enough to let those that are not necessarily dressed in robes, have the option of the experience of the Spiritual Beg. That is you beg instead of work for compensation if even you work in addition to the beg, because it creates at the smallest level perhaps and I hope:  humility.

The Begging for Sponsorship Outside of The Four Interviews
I know there are places that can grant me sponsorship, but … I don’t have the resources to get to them all, and most of the places that I called said, “nay”. I’ve conserved as much of my very very small sponsorship that I have received and used it for its purpose: my career’s support. Of course there is the occasional purchase of a chocolate bar on the outside and*or a drink; and when: often those things are not provided here. And of course, when I say drink: I don’t mean alcoholic, in this case (as in the purchase of … just so it doesn’t appear that I plan to go out “drinking” with a meager sponsorship). This is just the: extent to which my fre-
edom has been severely limited, because of my career. A recent situation that happened: is to send in one of my volunteer assignments, since it is nearly complete; and to continue on with that volunteer agenda, I need sponsorship. This by the way, has turned me into a Modern Day Beggar ; further so; and likely the only one or few of that has an un-compensated career. Though in our society, of mainstream lack of spirituality and/or spiritual dearth-dirth [sp is wrong?]; most folks don’t comprehend that beggars don’t only need to be in “robes” or on drugs of the illegal variety. Some of us: have to find some way to stand for our spiritual cause, and still complete the requirements of our main career; if it is different from our beggar’s career.
Today: I asked my mother who has repeatedly accused me falsely of stealing if she would give me $20 so that I could pay (through this form of begging); though mind you, I have begged also on pilgrimage and few times prior to that in my childhood years, when I did not have paid work (as may have been stated; my apologies I am quite exhausted and this was meant to go up as can be seen from the original date months ago). Uhm, she actually consented to this, but given the instability of circumstances here; she also insulted me for conserving water and threatened me for thinking that I had ever accomplished a thing;  she continued on yelling about me not doing the dishes; although she has repeatedly threatened me when I have done the dishes, and also told me not to do them at those many times. The back-and-forth in her and her husband’s house’s rules; is something like communicating with beings that cannot comprehend any civility in our Modern Age, and are not legally obligated to. Nevertheless, these are my only circumstances that I can complete the requirements of my career in and as such: that are available to me at present; and still stand for Who I Am without being a hypocrite to myself/ Who I Am in this case, is also a beggar. In my experience,  sponsorship the experience of has declared that it: receiving sponsorship means that you are beggar. No matter how small or large in my case: very small ; I’m sure any actual sponsored being might tell you that.
In my case, given the one room shelter / bathroom and now since a police visit, recent of: two meals per day; I only need approx. $40 / month to sustain my work.  Sustain however does not mean do or complete; here or in this context. It means sustained without for example: starvation and threats of a court order for working for-free. & this would include the occasional chocolate and non-alcoholic (as purchased through sponsorship funds) purchase.

(Updated again: 4.20.16 An additional note: as you might see from the police recording just posted on 4.20.16 she has no intention of actually providing $20 of sponsorship … if only I also had a recording of what she said other than that of course which was outlined on my side of the conversation with the non-emergency police responder.  Sardonic Sarcasm: $20 every four months or so, My God! how much to ask for (in cash). I need help because obviously I am not sane or qualified to do a thing, yeah.  Certainly, there are so many others that work hard for their money; quite unlike me; is the presumed societal Slant.

Updated, more

How Not Outdated. Work is work. Compensation or not.)

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