In Light of Recent Events; Safety Rock : A Stone’s Inherent Qualities Transformed to Infinitude

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In Light of Recent Events;
Safety Rock : A Stone’s Inherent Qualities Transformed to Infinitude

date; 4.4.16, 4.5.16
by goura fotadar
for The Fictional VolunTier Project
categorized under: spiritual art with intention
took a really neat stone
with a hole in it
on top
it came that way from the yard;
and wrapped: napkin around it
and put the whole thing in flour water mixture: poured over it
and then once a tiny bit dry but not nearly complete: squeezed a used black tea bag over it
and some of the leaves fell over from the open bag
and once dried on the sill; since the oven is unavailable (for my use) as dictated by the houseowners
of this house
and turned over obviously to complete the drying process
noted: and wrote in this case meaning noted: SAFETY  and today’s date in Sharpie
cited: Sharpie     as used for art and other productions by me
if not “safety” you can write any term that comes up for you to create and establish what-it is that is a prevalent issue in your life (now then or when) which will stand as an issue you wish to establish for the rest of You (& throughout lifetimes and/or metaphysical states / experiences of You). This makes this practice and art spiritual creation most effective. As my working art: spiritual: practice / hypothesis : enactment.
cited: the Buddhist Theravada practice of Metta and uhm a presentation on Some Aspects of Tibetan Buddhism that I had th ‘ good fortune of being able to attend on pilgrimage from this monastery: (visited in circa 2014 on homeless pilgrimage)  theme: I really want to go on a second one-year pilgrimage but we’ll see how this translates to my current life; I’ll have to think about it more

In any case,
if this thing / concept / idea i.e. whatever is something that you want for yourself personally; in addition to being something of a social / cultural / spiritual and / or other: cause that you stand for have envisioned etc; then now;
place that rock on an image of you that is photographed by you recently and either keep it that way in an image of you which can be stored any: way you choose, and also,
you have the option of creating: obvious: further art with it.

Next Line Should go in Soul Pieces, 20 ;
theme for spiritual fiction : Deva Brother, In Heaven We Sand through

—other for this write-up
theme: the Sun in california is it Bad enough to Cause the Drought
in both the colloquial sense and also the translated spiritual sense; as in: what is does bad really mean. Is bad the same thing as Wrong.
theme song: california love
theme artist: Tupac
citation: general radio as listened to on 4.4.16


that’s cool that looks like the oregon drop
is it oregon
it’s supposed to be a joke


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