Art Reflections: The Spiritual Practice and Cultivation of Compassion Turned To Art/Scent/Luck +

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Art Reflections: The Spiritual Practice and Cultivation of Compassion Turned To Art/Scent/Luck +
by goura fotadar
for The Fictional VolunTier Project
date: 3.30.16
so, with the episode,

Good Luck Scent Bag

of negative energy in this environment,
and me having to move my art off the sill;
because my step-father thinks it doesn’t look nice;
I decided with all of the work,
and art-work that’s going on,
and with the intention of having compassion for myself:
to create a good luck scent bag:
though of course I don’t exactly believe in good luck:
take some flowers from the yard
separate – place them in a folded napkin in the corner of a sill with
a cultivated good energy lemon (half is fine)
dried for nearly two days on the sill
on top
let the scent spread out through the environment and this of course includes the elements of the outside:
maybe for an hour or so even a half
while you meditate
with your eyes closed near it
then take the napkin
and place it into a-an open pored bag
like gauze or something
and place on top of the napkin something you associate with + energy
I took an empty green tea package / paper foil
and on top of the bag,
make a marking to signify
the completion of the making process:
old nail polish
scribbled on there
and the words “GOOD LUCK”
will work.
Now hang the bag.


theme: can the work be marred with the right energy intention & the harming family dynamic.
theme song / artist: Run to Your Mama / Goat
citation: npr dot org slash music as accessed on 3.30.16


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