Thanks to B, Today’s convenient art

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Thanks to B,
Today’s convenient art             / for The Fictional VolunTier Project
creation; that is already complete; security and the police situation
date: 3.28.16
Safety Art / Magic Charity Art
My mother threatened to end my life today for using the oven,
to create art:
and as I’m sure you have seen,
I need the oven to create art: at least certain forms of it
and unfortunately,
one thing I needed the oven to make
didn’t get complete:
because she pulled it out way before it was done:
she then accused me of stealing for using cough drops, cited: ricola cough drops
as usual I am sick; big surprise with the severity of the working conditions
: I had to call the police,
and they almost sent over officers,
but I decided to wait and just ensure my safety
by calling them: and not require-ing them to come over here
she didn’t have a weapon on her,
and ,
it seemed like it would be ok.
I’m concerned about my art in the room
that has already been created,
and with the level that she’s threatening me at:
I’m concerned about them stealing my art,
it’s worrisome, and they’ve already stolen some art of mine
and she also said that I needed to leave the house, again in fifteen days;
obviously living/working without any income means that I have nowhere to-go,
and that my family has too much housing
for me to be homeless,
if even living without an income. (Or so I was told before by homeless staff. Makes sense does it.)


what I did get done in terms of artwork
was one of the charity magic things made of dryer sheets
since i’m running short on dental floss;
I had to use paper clips
which I painted over with nail polish;
and found in some drawer (both the nail polish and the paper clips, they were aged in a way that was non-rusted and looked like modern art implements)
(cheez, I hope this, isn’t: using nail polish and paper clips; counted as stealing in this house by the house owners)
Prior to: I baked the dryer sheets,
one was used and the other new
I folded them over a tea bag paper package that was brushed over with lemon
and rubbed them in leftover flour
and also inserted in the center green leaves.
then upon the memory of
a dog that I once knew
I decided to jot down the steps,
since before while making these packages,
I haven’t done
so. yet though I’ve photographed some of them
When pulled out of the oven ,
I had to deal with the yelling and screaming of my mother.
In either case,
I’ve consented to not doing the dishes in their house,
and not cleaning at all in their house;
I can’t consent to not using the oven
because I need it for art; and it’s not like they use it more than hardly ever.
and so I think this situation is going to keep escalating;
because she hasn’t left the house
in days, and already attacked me twice for using the oven, and recently;
and unlike me she has a vehicle to take her from place to place,
and also money,
and no job.
In other words,
there is nothing for her to do here all day long,
and she literally does nothing all day long,
when indoors.
I’m bummed out about not being able to finish the art:
that was leftover


but because of the memory of a dog I once new

I remembered to include the date:
as I have on the other charity magic packages,
and this turned this one charity magic package
from modern to contemporary art;
and other notes
are since:
there may be some layover prior to my being able to use the oven hopefully again:
so I made some half joking non-oven art creations quickly which also act as security where


they are placed.

There’s one I made before:

to hang on the doorknob
with burned out lightbulbs
and in plastic empty bags
it’s you know security for a door that doesn’t lock even if it is blocked off.

SideNotes: I’m seriously traumatized and now behind in my work due to abusive highly behavior from the owners of this house, and so I hope that this recollection of art and what it accompanies is good enough.


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