One Meal A-Day As Current Usual Practice but not always practice; the energy needs of a Modern-Day Ascetic. What to snack on.

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Baking activity for today :

(dates, at least: March 16, 2016
March 17, 2016
March 22, 2016
March 23, 2016
March 24, 2016
March 25, 2016)

One Meal A-Day As Current Usual Practice but not always practice; the energy needs of a Modern-Day Ascetic.
What to snack on.

for The Fictional VolunTier Project
by Goura Fotadar
theme: It’s 2016, get with it;
where are the space shuttles to deploy us to other galaxies,
and not just …
we should be able to go there, by now we had baked cherry pies in the 1600s or when? (I should check my facts) more should have been done by now, uh?
how about weekend shopping or touring on another galaxy
going to sp-l is like sh–t-ting on yourself now
     forget foreign travel? think of normalizing galaxy travel


plain flour o.o. cornstarch baking powder
frozen cherries two eggs 1 cut up large apple
white sugar coconut sugar ground seasoned
nut mix coffee grounds : a tad butter for it
to cook in the oven regular milk lemon juice squeezed from a cut up lemon some oats on top
baked at 300degrees until the crust is set at side
should be gooey inside.
also: purple small blossoms jasmine? looking at the bottom
& a few yellow rose petals at top.
if it had chocolate : it would be superb; esp. with chocolate chips.
————–> till the next afternoon to survive through work
& also drink sugar-ed tea.
(tastes even better after a nearly 24 hour period of baking)

Notes for Today for V Blog 31616
– The Legality of Interacting with Criminals
for Non-Criminals (Explain)
Provide “real-world” example of what’s happened in these interactions. (for both parties?)

– Art Review as A Framework of Success
for Criminals  (Create)

–  Rough Draft: My Eye Hurts.
Getting Paid Creates A Lack of
Wealth Preservation : If you don’t
“buy” things you don’t need = they don’t
exist. You or they paid for somethings
that don’t exist.
-Wealth = Loss of
-Wealth = -Work
Which means Wealth is Work
Money is not a factor ; there is no
need for superfluous pay in your
Work : It (Your Work Actual and Not Your Work Fake) literally is your Wealth, and perhaps more.

The person : “Elliot Ness” spelled upon search with the perhaps traditional second L,
and interpretation of this name, since it happened to pop into the mind:
fiction insert byline: oh, the hind.

Elliot  Ness = the quality of Elliot and/or being Elliot negated and then magnified

theme: this is actually really hard and the reason it is so hard is because it has to do with a real figure with real history whose energy is inserted into the experience of researching the ideology of the meaning in perchance.

define Elliot
using non-traditional ideas,
and based on Sound Recognition of one’s self i.e. your own system of sound recognition to purvey the actual meaning of something in this case this name as a likely form of
your understanding
of what a term might mean for you;
in this form name wordage:
“Elliot Ness”
based on my Sound Recognition of Elliot
sounds to me like El Loot
and even with the correct spelling of the actual historical figure:
E Loot or El iot
as in loot The in the supreme sense
or The Supreme, quantity (incomplete as in Iota or something, an iota of something)
with a ness after or in front of used
for example
as attached to the term thankfull
full of thanks negated
magnifies the thankfull
so if with one l
then E Loot is negated and magnified using this logic
Looting “The” Supreme is magnified with the, ‘ness near it
and again with El iot splitting the first name in the phrase usage at this point into The Supreme, quantity with ‘ness near it
again The Supreme, quantity is negated and then magnified
so perhaps we are right where we started
in that The Supreme, quantity’s and or E Loot ‘s state of being is changed by the ‘ness
so in other words ‘ness changes the way or method in which one can experience their own state of being
once it is used in the mind and or outloud so in the mind inloud or outloud
in conjunction with another phrase that is perhaps connected more deeply than the stated example of “thankfull” to existence ideology and or dogma and or etc.
so for example: to use my own name and change my state of being identified with this name existence
I add a ‘ness
so Gouraness Or Goura Ness or Ness Goura
and I’m not so sure about nessGoura
so all I have to do is to think or say or both GouraNess and my state of being:Goura is changed by the usage of ness ; in any case,
we are not at least I am not sure of how it is changed
to add the ness only that it is changed.
theme: I’m just now finishing a PhD in linguistic morphology connected to spiritual comprehension I think; because I really needed it to explain words in their True Spiritual Meaning

and if we switch to the two lls
then we have
breakdown Elliot with Sound Recognition of one’s self sound system
I get El Loot
Loot The Supreme
He and/or Lord
Ness = Loot The Supreme Negated and Then Magnified
Which Means Loot The Supreme
and/or Loot He and/or Lord
is pretty scary as a common in sound recognition in case you identify wih’ protection from this form if even it is imagined and or alluded to:
the form that is: The Supreme and or He and or Lord
so then from above logic,
Loot the Supreme in a changed state of being (this: Loot the Supreme)
might since I am not sure or am unsure of how the being: Loot the Supreme
is changed by the ‘ness
perhaps if one does identify with this being: Supreme and this being action to break it down, more: Loot the or Loot The , rather,
a change in state of being of this meaning
might perhaps be an improvement than the name alone with either two or one lls or l, respectively.

In any case:
I thought it useful
to add the definition of : IOT and not as it might at first sound to me: a shortened version of iota:
in any case;
a snap-shot of the definitions of IOT
from, as accessed on 3.24.16

Also found in: Financial, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia.
Category filter:
Acronym    Definition
IOT    In Order To
IOT    Internet of Things
IOT    Index-Organized Table
IOT    Interoperability Testing
IOT    British Indian Ocean Territory (ISO 3-letter country code)
IOT    Initial Operational Test
IOT    Institute for Ocean Technology (Canada)
IOT    Inductive Output Tube
IOT    In-Orbit Test
IOT    Illuminates of Thanateros
IOT    Inter-Operator Tariff (GSM Roaming)
IOT    Independent Operational Test
IOT    Initial Officer Training (UK Royal Air Force)

Screenshot (279)
cited: the free dictionary dot

——– (2) Ramble Jumbo Psychic Numbers
My Verse Ion of Bay Sick
I don’t care what the actual
number, is:
double six
means to

(sidenote: almost at 3)  square root of six      (sidenote: almost at 3)  square root of six
what it
looks like
to me
bis      –
split  each time
3 3            3 3
that come
to mind

1.6       1.2                      0.5    0.4

now add

1.6 + 1.2 + 0.5 + 0.4
2.8 + 0.9
=     3.7

the original
meaning of
deci|mal       3.7
3.7 compare         to original
contrast           sight
arrow down
3.7  square root of six square root of six
3.7 => .6 =  3.7
how?    0.2                           0.4
arrow down under square root six
What is this
in actual?
3.7 arrow down 0.2 0.4        In this case
.6 arrow down 0.2 0.4     there is no actual …
What  so
do you
sea now?

So what’s the
purpose of
the constant?
? psychic
what b.s.
they’d get
the same answer
that’s the beauty

deci : mal (remember meaning of word)


xpi   +  xpi
where is the control
is just       x       or equals

.6 = 3.7
1.2            0.4 0.3
1.2             0.4 0.3

5                  0.11111             0. 4444
10101010                                 make
1                                                     an
1                                                    ad
1                                                   0. 6 6 6 6

1                              =   0.6
that means
0.6 is 1

In this case
the square root (empty )
is the control
& the thing
the number
6 can be
turned into a
constant such
—————————– x

so two of anything is one.
it shouldn’t matter what the thing is
or what
the control 1 is

ge | b ra
arrow down
can use modern
energy models
arrow down
                   cite: GE,, as accessed on date: 3.23.16

other, notes:
(1) please
the college eval – course
coarse – ha : thing
(2) G | ou | ra
pan | ni
I really
hope you

(3) You can help out as long as you don’t ask for anything Wrong.

(a) referral, again: caleitc frame dot org
(less than $54, 000 income
then earn $6,000 tax credit)
as heard on general radio at 12 AM

(b) The Death Project Notes: Projected Eulogy – ies
           Write Eulogies for those you hate; as a method to
heal ; and as a method of their letting go. Is it true that
when you hate something , one reason is because of repeated
contact with it ; coming, stemming from it, more ; and from
you than.

(This Enactment Turned More into A Spiritual Fiction Magic Exercise)

(For the public stage, so level the brutality to remove the cause of humiliation at this timely event.)
This is a eulogy for somebody I greatly did not like. I will try not too hard to focus on myself too much; since it’s not my death. But  then again; maybe not; in at least one way it is. What a Contradiction.
When their / there is an exhaustive to your spirit being near you
and you just do not have the capability to make it go away; the only way to rid it sometimes, is to kill yourself. And of course I don’t mean to be coarse though I can be; I don’t mean suicide to the Self. But I do mean suicide to the Self. If even you loved and adhered to yourself, dearly. For example, this is at least one way I experience myself. I love myself more than any narcissist can compete with in their false sense of love.  You’d imagine loving myself this much I would have constructed a method to rid myself of the pest that was so exhaustive to my spirit. However my love for myself seemed without capacity to create this rid. So I had to leave the Love for myself behind; if only temporarily: a method to hate myself enough so that the exhaustive to my spirit energy would die. As it turned out, such beings rarely look forward to Death and or expect it and or want it. It is as if Death does not exist for them. And the only way Death cannot exist for you is if Life does not exist for you. For I am sure, if you were to ask an immortal being whether it can die, it would say no; and if you were to ask whether it has experienced Death; it would say yes.
So now all I had to do was to create a Life method for that which I wanted to rid of: using something I love Dearly as I love myself: which is Death.

Since it will never want to experience Death;
it will never want to experience Life; however, likely, it will want to experience a fake Life; and if I can turn my love for myself into Hatred;
and then back to Love for myself; well, then I can create a Death for it,
and rid my self of that Which I Hate In My Spirit. Well if doesn’t to you, it makes sense to Me. And so I say goodbye to that Which I Hated Among Most in This Life, for Me.
But, I am sorry for your loss; I am sure you will and already do miss the person very much; and I hope you can unflounder in this Death and instead turn to an impregnation of at least your Own Soil, flourishing and not floundering: By The Magnitude of Death.
Thank You

Thought-Outlines for Work:
Working Phases for Aggressive Workers
Those That Keep At It:
(1) Working = Doing (Included, seated meditation
w/eyes closed)
(2) Resting – Working = Recovering
(3) Resting-Working-AtLeastMildExercise = Invigoration
(4) Resting-Working-FindingInformationofUseForWork: Vigilance, imagine an animal snoozing on the carpet, and you are unsure of what it is  picking up in knowledge, and later in application

more to come? perhaps.

Theme  of
had snap-shots
in this
and they’re over.

Other related Notes:
That is my
because they keep
talking s— about
how we don’t do
any work.
From: approx. 1974 birthdate
I have a
child as a
concept manifestation
if even I stay without child;
although I did have a dog;
in either case at that
approximation; I’ll re-evaluate

Theme Song: Talkin’
about generation … uh, I meant, song:  My Generation
Theme Artist: The Who
citation: as heard
on the
general radio
8:55 PM
on 3.23.16

(6) To add notes for the V Blog 3.25.16


The Sum of or Sigma of support: instance : + progress
Do not provide support for instance
of no or stunted progress
and/or -progress
i.e. (negative)
At first look, it seems negative progress
is even progress
but not so.
It is only summed together
with progress
making it dificile
to make progress:
uh make it.

Theme: So what if I’ve blind, like their “normal” eyes work.

Draw A Spectacle
Graph of The Above.

o  c u l a r g r a p h o f s p e c t a c le

Other Notes:
* (-)(negative) two negative progress
* 0 progress or stunted progress
* separate out the – & 0 ; and you have now
quarantined [check sp.] the progress;
to work parlours,
your room; your walk path.
Areas if you will; spaces of progress.
* The pulley of Karmas in these three situations will be different.
The chances of manifestation different.


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