Notes on current article: The Needling Fax

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Notes on current article: The Needling Fax
by Goura Fotadar
for The Fictional VolunTier Project
date: 3.8.16, 3.10.16
source text: from npr dot org, article, title:
“An Addict, Now Clean, Discusses Needle Exchanges And ‘Hope After Heroin'”
as accessed on 3.8.16

theme: dude, there’s more than one way of transposing the spiritual
Needles, my goodness;
the trauma of a needle jabbing at what to me onmany occasion has felt like the bone
a scratch of the cliche characteristic I can’t get the needle in …
but for those of use;
those of us,
that have been on the receiving end of a medical service; usually a blood draw,
where the needle won’t go in …
now we know why,
uhm uh I know I how obvious was it that the needles come out of the package all not sharp and stuff, but like I’m not a nurse; you know like Blunt, they come out of the packages blunt?
and like why’didn’t anybody ever serving me that way, medically, I mean
ever say so,
until now, (so thank you):
I guess I meant is it possible that we are using overused needles not “sharpened” again on a “matchbox” but sanitized
because the needle just won’t go in
in either case, this is an interesting visual, and almost as if it weren’t obvious gives addicts a medical accreditation that perhaps nobody gives much thought to.

At the time there was no needle exchange at all [in Cincinnati] and so you would use the same syringe over and over again and hopefully it didn’t break off in your arm. Until the numbers wore off of it, you would sharpen it on a matchbook, and it was just horrible; it was like a rusty nail sticking in your arm.

theme: the needle thing and psychic visions
theme song artist / song title: Priests    Doctor
citation: npr dot org as accessed on 3 8 16

theme: save me!
theme song artist / song title: Lily & Madeleine    The Wolf Is Free
citation: npr dot org as accessed on 3 8 16

Screenshot (243)

citation: npr dot org “The Big Fix” as accessed on 3.8.16
2. While the work gets done,
the food cools
and uh, here it is:

Ava Cado Me L Uh Avocado with sugar nut mix old oranges plain flour two eggs no beating oil something salt something baking powder unripe avocado soymilk black tea coffee grounds yeah, now I can jump into Sky



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