Studying Peter Pan, for the writing of further on “PurpleMent”

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Studying Peter Pan, for the writing of further on “PurpleMent”
-only number one so far, in the process thus far; & also Rough Draft
by Goura Fotadar
& also for The Fictional VolunTier Project
date: 2.25.16 & 2.26.16
Main Source Text:

Swing Eye by goura fotadar

Fictional Interpretations of The Reading:
(1) The memory tinker-bell from just normal conditioning of personal culture in society (or something).  Being a fairy and /or having “wings” identifies an animal type of persona-identity-form: in that; I comprehend it; a “winged-being” so-to-speak; as an animal.&Somehow,when I read the following line from the source text, number One:
“For one thing, although there was a pretty little-parlour maid called Liza, the children were bathed and dressed by a big dog called Nana, whose kennel was kept in nursery.”
Items to note that come up, are:
“one thing” contrasts Liza and the parlour
to Nana and the nursery
but maid and dog almost mean in this case: something similar; which is that they are the “other” or not whose perspective the environment is from;
and of course, this may not mean narrator or writer; and if this is the perspective the environment is from; as always thinking about things as energy, then the larger energy in the environment and/or is the environment is not either “Liza” or “Nana” hence they are; the “other” and perhaps this will have some matter in analysis and/or examination.
and as if to stress the point of contrast “little” & “big”
Another point that might be worth or not; noticing; is when “little” equals “big” ; to use terms from the text; and how this is made the same since the maid might not just refer only to cleaning the house; does it because one might quickly presume that it being a maid also refers to; references activities such as giving children baths, as this text suggests; however it says that the “big dog” and not the “little() maid”  ” … bathed … the children” and either bathing falls under cleaning which may be encapsulated in the definition of maid duties; and even if we were to look up the meaning of this word: “maid” it might not be the same as a specific ma’ds occupational standards for a specific position; right; anyhow, in case maid does include bathing children as part of its general job description;
t.b.c …

This part below or beneath you; jokes aside, is entirely fictional and inspired from this short and not yet complete study of literature (analysis) above:
The Durga Play Part One. For “PurpleMent”
O’her fictions: Me I have those special fillings,
that I’m ob-ssessed With.
Getting Paid: And that takes care of anything.
About Durga: All three of her parents have mental illness;
and one of them is the Higher Lord;
with the other two a mutant couple;
and her husband is the Lower Lord; and he’s abusive;
and she’s poor, and works for no income: Like that Counts for anything!
In her voice: My Father told me to say, that he has mental illness.
The Dog requires a sacrifice. Part Two. My Next Tattoo spelling
angels want me to announce they have missing limbs in Never Never Land. Cited: Main Source Text One.
Also your dad wants you to know that your dad is dead.
The Lower Lord & The Dog-TinkerBell to Durga: You are no longer allowed to share your things! Because you share your “things” with them; they then want to die for some other reason, because they are dying either way; anyway; they are dying any way,
and then she lives and pretends that you are sharing with her. And she gets larger and larger. In Energy Size.

Another Fictional Insert: It’s like White Poplar Trees.
Durga: (Biting on the Lamb.) It’s dead boys around the Dining Table, Me, The Pregnancy, and a Robot. Oh Boise!
First Name: The Pregnancy, Last Name: The Dog-Tinkerbell to Durga and The Lower Lord: (Lower Lord why’s he not saying anything) Why he’s not saying anything is because he’s dead.
Durga squeal-giggles. Look, the enemy dances around the D.T. to a good? song. Have you seen anything funnier. The enemy announces to Durga at her squeal-giggles that she took dance lessons for so long. No wonder Durga congratulates the enemy in between now shriek-giggles, I can tell you’re very talented. The enemy also announces about how she has had numerous years of martial arts training.


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