The Problem: Get It:

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The Problem: Get It:
by goura fotadar
a quick write-up of today’s notes, whilst others are happening.
(perhaps it could and might be more complete.)
(a semi-rough draft, like a semi-truck)
for The Fictional VolunTier Project
(notes for the day)
Date: 2.19.16

dedicated to n.d. for his contribution on his own: conception.

She is what you want to her to
any You; you may not do.
(due – ha!)
Know what you want her to do;
but you still want her to do that(s) (plural)
So limit
the (Yous                     Yous).

The Sum of You is limited on the horizontal expanse by the yous you let in:
{ this identifies this start of the expanse container, the expanse Yous contained by the bracket
the second bracket
identifies the end of the expanse Yous as contained in the expanse container}


here’s a real world, example: I’m not willing to pay the normal cleaners to clean this house,
when I am able to clean myself. Especially since, I work for free, with my security consistently threatened for not generating revenue. However, I generate work. This work productionand creation, solitarily enables me to produce a non material form of compensation for myself that is highly utilisable in translating a revenue model for society; in other words, they gain material goods, by my producing work for free, and not receiving for example: an income. As a result, I want to qualify the breech of security which is that the space I work out of is not owned by me; though by far, I have outproduced in work all of the owners of this house and at my not so young, but still relative to the elderly and/or retirees’ ages: young age. Thus, I cannot control who comes to this house, during my work hours, which perhaps fortunately with at least the mindset of freedom in schedule to produce work  occur during “normal” business hours and also during “abnormal” business hours; and this might just be an adjustment overlap of schedule ; for example: working from 12 noon to midnight; with note taking and thought generating contribution during the night between rest/sleep periods. and as opposed to 9am to 5 pm or something. As a result of the enormous work produced; and this combined with the perhaps sacrifice of no income: my levity to control who comes into a space I work out of but don’t own, is minimal. However, my work production puts me at an advanced stage of understanding just from plain old bare boned work, and this doesn’t always mean cleaning toilets; but I do that, too. This advanced stage understanding when applied to perceived threat, and/or obstinance to disable the production of my work from the outside; when applied to a spiritual understanding model: mind, makes re-define and limit the Yous. For example: the “normal” housecleaners have been changed in my mind with this understanding to those, that make sense to my work model and who I don’t have to worry about for example: threatening me with violence and/or danger as they clean the house, as past housecleaners have so done. Instead, if my work production generates, any compensation and/or revenue and/or material good for those who do not participate in my work production, then I request that those that serve spaces and/or come near me phsyical and/or mentally and/or spiritually allign within the limitations of the Yous that apply so forth. For example, if I can clean this space on my own, just as well as any housecleaner, and I am the one producing all revenue based work translated to material good for others; then the housecleaners’ work must not be interfering with my own production when performed especially at the same time: my point is, that I am not simultaneously under some false You cleaning the house, while also producing my own as not dictated by others house work; for example I myself did not call the housecleaners here today, was not given other than a few minutes, advanced notice to their coming; and do not believe that it has been long enough since they were last here. Thus, if any housecleaners are here: and are compensated by my work production: they must not distract my work, must clean at least as well as I do, and must align with my cleaning framework: which is that they are “angels” in the spiritual energy that is present in whatever portion while and during the cleaning work is completed.

Other Career Notes:
“I just wasn’t mature enough; I’m mature enough now; I was nineteen then: the answer was “no” and now I’m 34 and the answer is “yes”
same attitude different application.” (I hope the double quote makes sense)

It’s more like a modality to train think tanks,
it’s encompassed in this enterprise.
That’s now their next stage:
is that they need to either create their own
enterprise and /or join forces with my enterprise;
so I think they’re going to join forces with my enterprise. It sounds so much like sci-fci, but it’s true.

If you experience envy and/or jealousy,
and the entire you must enter Heaven, as dictated to you by your personal voyage journey.
The entire you is now functioning in angelic mode and/or not just Heavenly Being mode;
and the reason is because you’ve chosen your raison d’etre to be an angel and not just a Heavenly Being;
because that’s what you want in your desires for yourself. Just as a man and/or a woman may lust after one another so you perhaps not devoid of lust here equating the lust to envy and/or jealousy; still experiences lust, and as a clause by some higher order angelic being and/or a godly being, those traits inherent to you, must not be abandoned. For example, in the poorest example of this, perhaps spiritual in nature: you are starving and when you were younger you were “possessed” and while you were “possessed” you could not morally process that “possession” and the “possession” is what you identified with at the time of the “possession” and when you identified with that possession, in your case, you decided to coherent-ize that possession by not “liking” the fact that your brother was eating at the breakfast table, because who knows why but however you processed that “possession” is how it was translated by your imminent dislike for his eating breakfast. And maybe he knew it; maybe he didn’t it. But rather, this is not a therapy session for either you or him; what however it is is an understanding for at least You two but certainly not limited only to You too. Since I am the one doing the explaining I am the one that decides which “Yous” are let in to have the chance at an understand of this experience, and not you those used as an example, in this case; to facilitate the understanding. And if you were really spiritual and also non-denominational spiritual but more like physical and in terms of just basic physics: it’s like a pull like a pull of karma and anyway so you might be a something like a physics spiritualist;  you might call the ability to be “used” as an example to facilitate understanding; and to how many and to how much it is understood, karma; and if it went up that way and that specification that would be good karma.

And in any case, as a child you decided that your brother you did not enjoy him eating breakfast because this is how you “processed” the “possession” but as you got older, perhaps you re-thought what you processed and how you processed it and whether this coherence of processing was really “you”. Perhaps in your case you saw (as you got older), the inkling to dislike his eating breakfast as an outside coming into you “possession” and as you got older you decided to deviate from identifying with the possession in this form, that is the manifestation of dislike for your brother eating. & you decided to not identify with the possession as being “you” but since you had to “deal with” the possession you had to translate “the possession” into what you are and or what you could be in this case both yous are and must be you for you to feel comfortable in your “adult” processed processing skin, so to speak.

So the sum of the Adult You, Contained in this You “Possessed” by this Outside Variable:
is The You that is unpossessed by this variable + The You that is possessed this variable:
so now
the elements general of you that is unpossessed by this variable, for example:
(1) I like to eat
(2) I like to watch tv
(3) I like to hear

so now the  elements general of you former when you are possessed by this outside variable before you had given this any adult formulation breakdown of thought sophistication thereby elevating you manifested to adult you, at least, and not aged you, yet. So by creating a rough developmental model that perhaps has nothing to do with age in numbers, except it has to do with age in developmental stages, and then how do the developmental stages translate with one another, as in in communication whether it be language or some other mode of communication that is can those at varying developmental stages communicate with one another.

t. b. c.

age is not numbers

That room is my current library; like where I study.
the other notes, to consider: is that ’tis place has turned into lower heaven,
that room,
is the experience of both higher and lower heaven,
and blocking it off, and
not using it more often as a work space,
is a metaphor: for the otherplace nearby’s attitude toward heaven: and heaven work.

If you’re even scared of yourself,
that’s a good thing;
for one, imagine how much you could help others. (if at all you care about that.)

The door is always open
I know it’s like another metaphor
Ker plunk plat


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