Nothing is Ever Clean: What I Have So Far Working Title: The spirit work, art series in thought-conception

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Nothing is Ever Clean: What I Have So Far
Working Title: The spirit work, art series in thought-conception
by Goura Fotadar
for The Fictional VolunTier Project
(at least)
2.10.16  & 2.11.16 & 2.12.16
Subject Suggestion:
The Project (Art): A Conception Formation Project while others are going on in the more-norm like a curve factor inside the gradient vibrations
Dedication : to the rafael in all of us
Topic: The Spirit Work Out: Lower Heaven
                      est. ?
Background and or Goal: how to transform every thing
Suggestive Idea: Is the vagina transformed when a tampon
is inserted

Imaginative Exercise Which Can Take Form of Practice:
imagine a glass jar,
used prior-to for the emptying of food product,
and so uhm food storage for consumption to be presumed , right
and then when it’s empty,
it’s wiped clean
and then washed to become hopes of cleaner but as compared to new: unused clean? where is at ?
then for a project of projected transformation: easy
you take boiling water,
and any flower’s petals,
pour in the boiling water (1st)
and then pour in the petals
perhaps per has that’s better
they have been pulled apart on their own or and with buy some free magical and or super source of puller hopefully with Right Touch to turn them into petals for use,
and petals that may not look forward to the use when still put together in flower form
yet un-transformed in the physical although the only change has been the pull apart
but once inserted into the boiling water and then stored in the jar,
God only knows for what?
do you.
for what.
have the right touch.
are you sure.
and then when they have cooled and or I mean they as in the combination and or mixture and or synthesis of the water cooled with the petals because of course
the petals were inserted cool unless …
and then ,
they were baked with that ,
if you remove the mixture,
do you wash the jar again,
and so then you do
the jar as good as new,
when it is completely clean again
if the petals and hot water mixture even made it dirty or unclean in the first or second use
(I don’t mean to be inappropriate but this is beginning to sound almost like rape or prostitution of the jar, and beg to differ in gender variation of the Suggestive Idea)

A Brake:
(I’m starvin’)

sand 4 a cause magnitude

arrow up
we sand for justice we sand for cause we sand for right

it’s just gettting started

Brake Two. A Thought Formation from a not yet Put Forth Work of A Put Forth Work.

theme: the cliche fiction thought to transformation yes, exorcism; and/or spiritual accountability

(Soul Pieces, here’s an image of one of the more recent ones )

Screenshot (215)
citation : soul pieces as published indep. by me on , accessed on 2.12.16

to go in sp. 20; michael’s command
give them a body,
bind them to that body;
bind them to non-possession;
no until,
bind all those who persecute gender,
bind all those who dare,
no to what. ittakes care of it self
it’s a different person,
they are all me,
and it’s a different person;
can you understand that.

End Theme for this Portion: Nothing is ever clean the same as it were / was is before the use of the thing. It stays changed by use. Does Trauma ever heal to what you were before the trauma was formed (an application thought). Where’s the research. When we have imagined form conception-ed understanding, is the research even valid any longer.

Theme: Stranger Music
Citation: General Radio on 2.11.16 at 1:09 PM as herd, no ‘a’?
song main remembered theme lyric: it’s always a good time
researched as-in found song title: Good Time Artist: Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen citation: youtube & yahoo search on 2.11.16

other suggestions for same-theme: The Essential Yo-Yo Ma
as heard on G.R. kdfc on 2.11.16 at 1:19 PM as heard : citation

theme: old money versus new mints of money
theme art: their coins are like vouchers
wings win

wings win

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