The House Cleaners, Time Lost & Repeated Safety Issues, Here:

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Now, the planned post for today, has turned to a short publication / side project, and in-the-meantime, unannounced visitors, pushed everything behind … in schedule,

(and also severe issues in personal endangerment came up; unfortunately, still a surprise to me …)

we’ll see it’s gotten longer the publication that was just meant to be a write-up has ,

and here’s an important magical / spiritual type exercise: (well, it’s my perspective … hence, the important )

in cases of endangerment … take left-over flower material enclose in something you planned to use; but haven’t yet, and may never and enclose it in something old,

where you  made a record of or received something you needed and,

then make a hanging or ornament or something from it;

in my case: old flowers, pressed down in an empty plastic package emptied of items I purchased a long ago, back when I had money; but haven’t still used,

in an old envelope where I stored a local sponsorship record : (here photographed the design) kind-of peculiar: (and of course the scribble of your name, the date, the time extent or space extent or both and the intention and the symbol of the binding, in this case,

dental floss as the binder (in this case) … even if the physical thing unravels (dental floss) the sentiment and/or well-wish can’t …. more explanation of intention …)





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