The Four Interviews, Continued (& Rough Draft Version) Anecdotes & More Important Stuff to be Noted,

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The Four Interviews, Continued (& Rough Draft Version)
Anecdotes & More Important Stuff to be Noted,
so, I’m in the anecdote phase of this collection or whatever you call it.
by goura fotadar
date: 12815 12915 121415 121715 122715 122815

i. The Shop with The Sign
I’ve roughly I believe typed up most of the stories, I heard in-person; but I have to look them over.
it struck today me while I’m working on some-other stuff, that I should put this down; because even still if that makes sense, it was an enormous culture shock to me. I was in Vermont, perhaps my favorite state in this Country, in the first phase of my pilgrimage, while I still had a vehicle; of course at this point, I was getting sponsored for gas, and food, from whoever would sponsor me as I was making my way through the country. So in Vermont, I sold my vehicle for a little bit of money, which helped me transition to the second phase of my pilgrimage, where I was begging on foot, for sponsorship. So maybe I’ve already written this part up,
but it’s just to remind myself, and also,
to add this short anecdote.
I was researching trade options for my vehicle, once I reached Vermont. I can’t remember the name of the town I was in, because I wasn’t there for very long. Maybe it’s better that way, to give it anonymity. It wasn’t the worst town that I’d been to in Vermont. Every place I went to in Vermont, was a place, I liked except of course two towns. In this town I walked into a store, to inquire about resources for trade-options for my vehicle. I saw this sign, hanging up, in the store, which said something like,
” Your husband says you can have anything you want.”
And perhaps not coincidentally, the shop-owner then directed me to her husband to inquire about resources.
When I met with him, in his office,
he provided me with a few possible options that he knew about;
at-that-time, somewhat pressing, given the nature of my pilgrimage
none of them worked for me,
I thought to mention this little anecdote.
ii. A theme is Nexus.
As I’ve mentioned before, I wrote most of the entire first fifteen books of the Soul Pieces series without an agent, while homeless and on-pilgrimage. I think I had a choice, that I’m still facing now; back then it was, if I continue to want to write; no matter how small the readership; I’m going to not have a livelihood in the real sense of the word. Multiple things were happening for me at once while on-pilgrimage: I was homeless and trekking cross-country sometimes depending on the phase of the pilgrimage, staying long-term in shelters. Other times I stayed where I could: in a car, my car on the first phase; in train stations upon the suggestion of the local police; and also (I stayed) in police stations, though not in prison, more like in lobby situations, as I’m sure I’ve described; while I waited for more sponsorship to keep trekking and/or could find open shelter. So, during the way, I worked and used public libraries (mostly) for publishing and sometimes otherwise working on Soul Pieces; though to be honest,

and I used donated notebooks to note-take on The Four Interviews and to write Soul Pieces prior-to publishing; when I had the time. I suppose it was a cultural anthropological experience for me, being homeless, somewhat unplanned; but thought of years in advance; and so not un-seen. I just didn’t know when the right moment would come for me to on-set the loose plan I had for a pilgrimage, once. Also, I was accustomed to the homeless population slightly from my college years; where the city I was in in college was immersed in the homeless experience all-around; and from, volunteer work at a soup kitchen; and volunteer work (play) with homeless children, from my younger days; ha whatever that: (younger days) means; but I never really had been immersed in it; the homeless culture so to speak; and when I had wanted to work with the homeless population for pay; prior-to my own immersion into the homeless experience; every position I saw listed (for pay) required that the incumbent have been homeless, also. As is obvious, at that point, in my career; I had yet to experience the homeless life, in the conventional way. To provide further explanation, I had been moved around, and sent away a bunch of times growing up; but I had yet to step foot in a homeless shelter, or not depend on the generosity of others as a younger child for shelter. I have to give this backdrop to say that when I first entered a homeless shelter I had no clue what it would be like, except of course in my imagination or in movie portrayals.
I have more to say, but for now this is enough; I suppose; for this posting.
Also, I have to mention ahead of time, that; I also wrote Soul Pieces in notebooks, mostly donated; all over this country; at shelters, at beaches, at soup kitchens, at bus stations, at public libraries, in lobbies of police stations; etc; it was an interesting experience to write and experience this method of art in homeless life; and at day shelters in-the-snow; and at malls; my current favorite writing place when I get the opportunity to leave the house / office. Anyway, good training; uh …



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