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(Pre-cursor: I just tried to post this, and it seems not to have worked; oh well, in my owned best self-interest, I’m trying again.)

Dear Local Homeless Shelter or Otherwise Provided for Free Housing,
Date: 12.27.15

I currently work as a volunteer for free,
for the following organizations:
Pariyatti (as a proofreader)
StoryCorpsU (as a volunteer transcriber)
The Veterans’ History Project (as an independent non-organization affiliated interviewer)
also run my own volunteer project,
called The Fictional VolunTier Project;
I am also an un-paid writer for Amazon,
and also write fiction on my wordpress blog.
Further, there is material available on another wordpress blog, that I compile and put together to further push my own volunteer agenda.

Recently, for the past year, I have been residing with my mother and her husband in their house;
and since I have been working as a volunteer for free; I have been here without an income. Their escalated threats have been very worrisome. They have now given me three months’ notice as of today to leave their house, as of March 2015; three-months’ notice. I am seeking shelter now that is free hopefully through a homeless shelter type of situation. Just today, my mother told my step-father when I had a discussion with them about my shelter here because they accused me of not being able to provide for myself, since I work for no income; and they provide me with no support in any way other than a free room, and at least one meal a day; and also paying $5.00 a/month for outstanding graduate student loans, from a program that I dropped out of … my mother said that all of my work, since it is without pay, “is all in my mind,” and that I plan to be homeless forever. She also asked my step-father to call the cops and stage my suicide in front-of-me; to get them here to the house, again. I have already called the police to this house, and they told me to stay put, specifically in my room in this house; and said that my mother said to them, she would help me with my needs for my volunteer work. My mother on the other hand, said that they said, that she could do to me whatever she wanted; because this is her place. Because I am hoping to leave this highly abusive situation very soon, I have asked them to both sign this document as it is understood to me, and as they have told it to me.

Goura Fotadar
The Two Persons Removing Me From This Shelter, of 5369 Ligurian Ave. San Jose, CA 95138
from where I have been running (on my own) The Fictional VolunTier Project, since it was established in May of this year 2015; and otherwise working in various capacity, from solely one room in-the-house, since late November of 2014.

Jeet Harika                                                                                          Neeru Fotadar


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