Perfume likely not? with magical notes potion formation

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likely not?
with magical notes
themes: drought, scent, stench, illness, laundry with herbs, and flowers are they

date, written: 121515
I’m not sure what
I’m making.
I forgot it; in the left sink;
spit in the sink, then clean the sink
out with at least hot water; Once all
the spit is gone? how can
you ever be sure, no really how can you
ever be sure; put used or how about
peeled through and eaten by you citrus
(ex: amples ; include orange) fruit,
and pour over them hot almost boiling tap
water (make sure you test the
water and close the drain) of the
sink … oops? before wasting anymore
orange scent unless it’s been fumigating your
room; lately, there’s been a lot of mold around; and
we already know the myth? about citrus (all) and
mold; then insert into the (solution) … oops?
a 1 and 3/4 used
tea bag;
in this case black;
and we all know by now, right tea drinkers,
and not tee drink oh at B-A-R-S,
cite: B-A-R song? (that) black and not green
third bar? tees makes it (all) STINK … (s)?

cite magical recipes,
and how
I saw
dog spit
like soap,
and also
the marks
that I hadn’t
to yet.

date, written: 121615
After the solution
sits for about 12
fill an empty
with the solution
and a used,
green (non-paper)
tea bag
(the non-stinkifier)
the container
and press
play into
your bath
water; my empty soap container happened to have left-over and dried rose and daisy bits; formerly, used for both a diluted and intensified soap hand solution/cleanser
when you’re
rested in
the bath-water.
stretched some,
and processed
your thoughts in
the peace of
let the lavender
bits from your pocket
arrow twisted up: about the
pocket: what am
I saying hear?
permeate the bath – water
then half – way through the situation
arrow perpendicular up
add more water from
the bath – tap,
as hot as you can
STAND it, to pull in
more power from the lavender’s aromas, (this includes
; use a rock in
the solution of bath water to harmonize
all energies (surrounding).
theme: Mementos
in bath (esp.
in drought)
do I, my laundry in here: Artist / Song: Bootsy Collins / I’d Rather Be With You
of flowers

use what’s left
with a few
drops of mild
hand – soap as
a waiting
hand – cleanser,
for about 24-hours,
then transfer
to a container
to use as
a toilet
to pour
after recycled
bath water
and conservation

citations/sources/and studies, of; so far and as-of happening, now:
– the magic of flowers
a guide to their metaphysical uses & properties
Tess Whitehurst
(through googlebooks)
– videos on (as accessed on 121615) (as accessed on 121415)


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