For The Death Project: The Theme of Opposites and Potentials Has Come In These Days’ Researched Reading

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For The Death Project: The Theme of Opposites and Potentials Has Come In These Days’ Researched Reading

by goura fotadar (The Fictional VolunTier Project) Date: 103015 — 103115
Note: my apologies for any non-poetic typos, I’m exhausted, and gosh! you’d think I’d take the time to proofread!

Source Text: Death by Maurice Maeterlinck
translated by Alexander Teixeira De Mattos
Copyright, 1911
(available through Amazon Kindle)

The Death Project theme opposites Note 0: Can you build a picture of death from Words popping up (italics) in Source Text?
building a picture: “luminous” “idea” “soul” “salutary”
the “… luminous” spirit  is at least an ” … idea” better than “…soul” even with the hopeful “…salutary” presence of Death in Life. (comments: well, not quite a picture but a formed communicative thought:sentiment: building)

From Pages 3-4: “We deliver death into the dim hands of instinct and we grant it not one hour of intelligence. Is it surprising that the idea of death, which should be the most perfect and the most luminous—being the most persistent and the most inevitable—remains the flimsiest of our ideas and the only one that is backward?”

From Pages 5-6: “A man returning among us from another century would not recognize without difficulty , in the depths of a present-day soul, the image of gods, of his duty, of his love or of his universe; but the figure of death, when everything has changed around it and when even that which composes it and upon which it rests has vanished, he would find almost untouched, rough-drawn as it was by our fathers, hundreds, nay, thousands of years ago. Our intelligence, grown so bold and active, has not worked upon this figure, has added no single touch to it.”
     “Though we may no longer believe in the tortures of the damned, all the vital cells of the most skeptical among us are still seeped in the appalling mystery of the Hebrew Sheol, the pagan Hades, or the Christian Hell.”
    ” … No one awaits us on the last shore where all is unprepared, where naught remains afoot save terror.”

Fiction Side Notes: M, acts like a vulture, and she’s not there yet … his soul is his Stomach.

The Death Pro: Jet: (Project): theme opposites … op po sites
theme opposites Note 1:
According to the reference text cited quotations, … so with just the now mention of various either locations or situations of Hell-connecting, I wonder if this is sentence still stands true to its potential spiritual opposition; i.e., Heaven; that is, do we greet Heaven with fear and does no being in Heaven greet us back, upon our arrival. (The Cultures of Heaven As Imagined by Me, Goura Fotadar)

“If were a salutary thing for each of us to work out his idea of death in the light of his days and the strength of his intelligence and to learn to stand by it:  He would say to death: ‘I know not who you are, or I would be your master; but, in days when my eyes saw clearer than to-day; I learnt what you are not: that is enough to prevent you from becoming my master.”

Project Side Note: What would you or someone (imagined by you) say to Death? & do you see Death as a person?

In this case the term “master” may have different ramifications from a spiritual framework.

(Note to self, upon J-Recommendation: Please write down (wry down) your prayer sequence if even formed by a variety of spirito tradition for The FVP: thanks, goura!)

(Note to self, I think the pagination is off)

Fiction Side Notes: Who is going to die first. Death is caught between the knuckles.

From Pages 10-11: ” Is not that the prayer of prayers? After all, what is a true and worthy prayer, if not the most ardent and disinterested effort to reach and grasp the unknown?”

Response: (Based on A Variety of Faith, Spiritual Practices of Mine:)
Self-Prayer Design:
Using Your Both of Hands and Each Digit you can see on those hands, if you don’t have hands use the things that stick out on your body that you notice like ears or elbows, and even knees:

So in my case each digit sticking out as a counter:
ten digits:
2. Gavriel X 10
3. Micha-El X 10
4. In Truth X 10
5. In Brotherhood X 10
6. Buddha X 10
7. Hail Mary X 10
8. Christos X 10
9. Allah X 10
10. Your Sister: Is now Your Brother: In Brotherhood X 10  (One more Time)
11.  In Solidarity X 10 (your enemy is now your ally, if you’re starving your enemy will feed you,
and you will just have to uncurse the feed for yourself (and depending on how far you want to go, to uncurse it for anybeing who might consume it) if the enemy has cursed it; and you shouldn’t but in case you might carry some of the enemy’s patterns from an energy interaction with the enemy; well, then, they owe you for that, because feed comes and comes again, but carrying and bettering another’s pattern, is un-payable back. So if you carry the enemy’s pattern (worse than your own patterns) and they ever curse for you again, they risk being out of their own existence … just my own theory about energy spirituality and all that … call it the influence of Death As A Subject Matter Not Alone.)
12. In Divinity X 10
13. Yahuwah X 10
14. Yehovah X 10
15. Yashua X 10
16. Elohim X 10
17. Satin / Lucifer X 10
18. Rafa-El X 10
19. Ur-i-El X 10

The Death Project theme opposites Note 2 / Exercise: Please create a Death Prayer (for yourself); especially, and then in the future or past or whatever uhm you can become more effective at creating prayers for the dead that you can feel connected to and this is not to put down more generic dead prayers, and/or sentiments since, I’m sure the intention and the effort has been put into these to give them some at least spiritual success.

Theme Music:
Okkervil River – Where the Spirit Left Us
(As accessed on approx. late 3 pm on 103115)

Modernizing the Public Library System?
As a side note: Even with all of the information available online; and not to be un-grate-full or anything, but wouldn’t it be awesome to modernize public libraries in case they haven’t yet been modernized to this level yet; and model them after something like prison-related reading/book projects. I can’t make it to the public library: transportation costs; and I’d love it if I had free shipping back and forth between the two places: where I reside and the public library; so that I could get and return the books I need from there as needed by me.
In my imagination I imagine something: a chute as that of laundry system in a new house of the ’90s and/or warehouse type grocery/other needs store … between the libraries, and the places where you need their materials …

(as reviewed on 103115)


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