Essay: The Nobility (in Spiritual Progress) of A Career in Begging in Phases of Reading & Response, Phase 2

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As typed up on 10.27.15
Essay: The Nobility (in Spiritual Progress) of A Career in Begging
in Phases of Reading & Response, Phase 2
by goura fotadar
Note; for this short and brief phase of this essay: I am not Catholic; however, Catholic material helped support my stance on this phase, and is thus referenced so. Quite obviously, this essay is being created from a spiritual perspective: mine.

Date: 10.20.15
Phase II Notes: (emphasis of Catholic Phase)
Outcast, an experience, understand-bly, regardless of the projectile it might provide from a spiritual elevation perspective; is/might benefit to seeking a blessing for in experience:

Reference: (as seen on 10.20.15)

“Have you become an outcast and have you been accursed by God? Then say to Our Lady: ‘Blessed art thou above all women and above all nations, by thy purity and fertility; thou hast turned God’s maledictions into blessings for us,’ and she will bless you.”

Also, current I have (been) working on as is obvious The Death Project, and this along with a fiction work, I am working to has focused and stressed me on themes; and for some reason or these reasons of work foci, I am for somewhile been in search of a non-faith based blessing music of a sort;  and the idea of an outcast against the backdrop of begging of course; and not a curse of begging, I hope;  is certain in my humble opinion needing and–or warranting a blessing, so here is the music piece I have been acquainted with of recent;
[as of 10.22.15]
“The Dance of the Blessed Spirits”
by Christoph Willibald Gluck
heard on 102.1 KDFC  approx. 6.34 p.m.:

(Also, I wish to include here, in this brief phase of this essay; Notes on Volunteer Communication, that seem to me to be of high relevance to at least this topic:)
If you truly stand for a cause, and/or work behind a cause; and/or support a cause; apparent to me, you are an outcast in any? society ; and is this, a problem.

References For This Essay, Thus Far:
KDFC 102.1
Spiritual Authority and the Promotion
of Monasticism in Late Antiquity
(by) Daniel Caner (University of California Press)
–The Social Outcast
Ostracism, Social Exclusion,
Rejection, and Bullying
Edited by, Kipling D. Williams
Joseph P. Forgas
William von Hippel (2005)


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