The Four Interviews: An Anecdote and Not an Interview (for The Fictional VolunTier Project)

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Date: 10.17.15
The Four Interviews: An Anecdote and Not an Interview
By Goura Fotadar

Once I was staying in a shelter, and when I left the laundry situation to step outside, to buy some chocolate on my food stamp card; I had one only temporarily and for the first time in my life; I left the dryer running, and this was as I understood it to be standard practice. This woman, also doing her laundry put an enormous sized underwear garment (womens) in my clean dried laundry. I had begged for the change to do the laundry; I think as I remember it cost about $2.00, and the shelter was supposed to provide the change for it, but they didn’t always. Also hand washing clothes was done illegally, as if that were to make any sense. It’s not that we would get ticketed for it or anything; or anything. Once I returned from the chocolate purchase, I entered the laundry room/dining room; and on my way into it, one of the staff from a desk, gave me an incoherent look; as in I couldn’t coherent it. The woman who was doing her laundry or had been started after me, and who stayed in the same shelter room as me; had all but disappeared. Which I found to be odd, because the machines, were set to run for approximate times-cycles, and mine had been set on the fastest or should I say quickest time load run or something; and then when I pulled out my clothes from the dryer, I found the large underwear (women’s) which seemed to me to be about 10 times the size of standard women’s large size, but I’m not so sure; I’m not an expert on women’s undergarment sizes. It was on top of my clean laundry load,
but the only real problem with that is that it was heavily coated in dried feces. I was horrified. It had taken close to two hours from begging to drying to get my laundry completed. I may have even started the begging process, ahead of time; and this is connected to an essay I’m in the brainstorming phase of, for this project; just as a reminder, I suppose to myself. I took a picture on my phone of feces saturated underwear against the smacking clean and dry laundry load, and then I called in a staff person to do something about it. The staff person of course started close to hyperventilating as a method to avoid doing anything; of course it was quite easy for the staff person to figure out who had done it. So nothing was done about it; and of course later my phone was stolen, with that picture along with many others, commemorating my life experience among and in the homeless population sector.


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