label – “led” for the fvp

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Waiting for the Bus
Waiting for the Bus


label – “led” for the fvp

That’s not a tree
that’s me waiting at
the bus stop
in small-town
CT for
to the airport
to return back home to
California. On the third connecting bus, a man
with knife gets in my way and
hangs over drunk ; he brings danger
to the bus scene , and everybody but his friend seems to
relish – yum! I’m hungry in it!
on – the – bus,
but I’m not including myself
in this. His friend asks me
“where I was born” – I say loud, “where was I born?!?”
like a not quite excla-m-ation.
ex – claim – nation!
“I don’t know I fell
from the sky!”
but he’s nice, other-wise.


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