An Excerpt from “The Four Interviews” ; “Circle Time” by Goura Fotadar for The Fictional VolunTier Project

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Circle Time
Circle Time

The Four Interviews: Circle Time?  
I don’t know when this was, but I’m guessing it was also in January of 2014; since it is my next entry in (my) notes.

I met ‘A’, a homeless man, living in the mid-atlantic; he says he’s originally from New York City; I said, I was born there — he said, me too!

I told him how I thought the city we were in;
(I met him at the train station and gave him most of my / the chocolate candy I was eating ; I die without chocolate, I explained. He laughed);
was full of terrible people, minus the police:
The homeless people here are even worse than homeless people in other cities/states;

I explained my interactions.

I realize that this opinion, is potentially offensive; and I want to say that this was my experience of the homeless I met while there, in the brief one day that I was there; most of them hostile toward me, and also threatening.

Circle time?
He denied being homeless. I wish I could tell you what the signs of him being homeless were, but I didn’t jot them down. I just had a strong sense that he was homeless, and hungry. Unfortunately, by the time I saw him, I had already eaten a meal, that some truck drivers had sponsored me for, (minus the chocolate I gave him); along with enough inexpensive train fare, (the ticket already bought), to leave the state; and move on. (More directly; other than the chocolate,  I didn’t have much to give him …)
But …

I saw ‘A’ stare at money, as people shuffled theirs in their own hands. I know what it’s like now to not have access to any money, and really need it. It becomes like an alternate reality in experience: something that almost everyone else, but you, has access to. It really changes the way you exist; at least, this has been my experience.


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