The Four Interviews: A Personal Expression

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The Four Interviews: Personal Expression
(I have to mention this);
circa February 2014:

When in New Hampshire I had donated boots that were so warm, though a little on the big side from a winter shelter; perfect for someone homeless, and trekking in the snow. But then of course I moved or rather traveled to another homeless situation in New Hampshire (on-pilgrimage); where the snow was melting and instead; the boots started to cause severe problems; they would get so drenched in the sludge that there was no time for them to dry off; the only other pairs of shoes I had were sandals and broken-ish flats; neither that would suffice, given the treacherous weather conditions.
It took me a while to get a voucher to get replacement water-proof-ish boots; by now my former warm boots had picked up a horrible smell from being drenched in sludge; and before I asked for a voucher; it seemed odd to me to do so, since I had shoes even if smelly to wear; I went to an organization that fed the homeless on the weekends, to inquire about shoes that might work during a weekday. They didn’t have any on-hand on their wardrobe size-rack of donated clothing items that fit me. But I found a skirt, one that was like I had before I was homeless, but that I liked better than the previous one. I asked if I could have it. The man said “yes”. So it became one of my new skirts, while homeless. Everywhere and time, I wore it, people complimented me on it. Eventually, though I had to lose it, since I was moving from shelter-to-shelter in another state by now; and couldn’t carry all that much with me.
But there is and can be fashion in the homeless scene. Not something you might think of; but with enough donated items, comes a sense of fashion and style; that certainly is different from what you might think of as the traditional scene in that situation. It can create groups, divisions; something like a dysfunctional high school system for adults; it can also create further judgment from the outside, “she’s homeless! why’s she dressed so fancy, and I’m not?”
But it, fashion; can also create a sense of freedom, expression, combined with the need and the limitations of those, without shelter and/or money; a sense of independence further of  expressing and becoming what you are; would you believe it?
All from a donated item?
Donations: Do They Do Much?


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