The Four Interviews: Personal experiences, sponsorship/ thank yous, and an odd interview

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hear or heaven
hear or heaven

The Four Interviews: Personal experiences, sponsorship/ thank yous, and an odd interview
put together by goura fotadar for The Fictional VolunTier Project

Personal Experience / Personal Experience/ Thank Yous:
December 2013

Savannah, GA
I had to spend a short few nights outside; one night because the local shelter didn’t have any space. I actually briefly considered a position of work there, and that’s why I was specifically in Savannah. But when I met the person I was going to work for;  who I initially came into contact with, by responding to an online job advertisement, and by talking with him several times, (essentially accepting the position); but at meeting in-person, my red flags went up, and I wasn’t sure if the position was a scam or not. (Though these red flags had not gone up in phone conversation, even after I had effectively accepted the position, from a different state. )
He did not strike me as the type of character that I wanted to be working for, once we met in-person; and as he put it, when we met in-person;  he and I would be “being alone together” in the office with one another, and I had to realize this with regard to the red flags going up for me; which I was honest with him about. But all in all, the ending and resultant situation was that I was stranded in Savannah; after meeting with him and not being able to agree to what I sensed to be un-reliable behavior on top of red flags that went up; and for a new job situation, where I would be highly dependent on this person; I did not know all that well.
It: Savannah, was not a place that I had planned anything deep in terms of a pilgrimage situation, or rather I should say, pilgrimage destination. Most of my writing done in the SouthEast, has since been turned into fiction, and so I have not put it into “The Four Interviews” or here. However, because I was stranded, and also spent one night outside in the rain instead of just outside; and I was down to my last few dollars left over from selling my car; the only shelter in the area that night was full, and so I slept outside. How I got out seems like it should go into “The Four Interviews” so I’m including it here:
A “Black Church in the South” as they asked to be described by anyone who asked; helped me and/or sponsored me further; to a situation and city, where shelter would be available. Unfortunately, I lost their contact information; though I’m still sort of sure I could walk there, if I were in the same area now, and find them. I only mention this because obviously I thanked them, then;  but I planned to send them a thank you card when I returned back home, almost a year from when I met them. (When I looked the general area up though I found many churches listed, and it was impossible for to determine from home, which church had sponsored me.)
Many people I got sponsored by even if they provided me with cards of contact or other methods of keeping in touch/ thanking them, on my pilgrimage at an early stage; I lost the information of; it’s better put to say instead that I got robbed of things twice. These robberies,  included contact information for some folks that sponsored me; and then in shelter situations often what you can have with you, is so limited, and I experienced an almost semi-paranoia about any contact information I had of others, especially those that I did not know so well; because some of the shelters performed thorough checks of everything you carried; and maybe I shouldn’t say this, but I just did not trust all shelter staff with much of anything, and it made sense to me to get rid of folks’ contacts that hadn’t already been stolen. At one point I had a tin of contact information, that I had to get rid of.  ( I eventually forfeited the idea of thanking many sponsors from the pilgrimage-again; so late after I met some of them; as in after returning home, and also so directly, imposing on them what might have been the re-visiting of an issue they no longer might want a connection to; but for all of them, I had already and of course; thanked them,  in-person.)

Pilgrimage-Junk & Odd Interview in Baltimore, MD
Circa January 2014
While waiting for what I found out was the free bus on my way back to the bus station:
(city-wide bus ( with free offerings) as opposed to inter-state bus system (with-out free-offerings), in case you’re confused. Too many details, for this to be not confusing)
from pan-handling; sorry if this is offensive: the pan-handling; I know by now that its mention can be offensive and … ; but the place I had planned on requesting sponsorship in Baltimore, was no longer open; and there was no other organization nearby that would sponsor me. So I pan-handled my way out of there, and had enough to get to the next state over. But before I returned to the bus station, walking through what I found to be a semi-dangerous experience in area in that only it had no path, and I was essentially walking on a bridge-like freeway with a rolling suitcase; and it was impossible for me to look behind myself, as I moved forward, at the on-coming, (almost at me), traffic; constantly, anyway, (the constant looking behind proved an impossibility with the need to actually make it to the bus station).
Again, and I think somewhere in there I took a free bus; but I remember something like it couldn’t take me all the way, back to the bus station. On the way there or from the bus station to the planned organization to seek sponsorship; a hotel driver took me with some folks who were staying at the hotel to drop me off on-their-way, to where the address of my planned seeking-sponsorship-from, organization was; I only went into the hotel with a local person to ask about specific directions, since I had gotten confused despite a print-out from the bus station; and then the driver offered me a ride; so on the way to seeking sponsorship, I was able to avoid the dangerous situation walking-situation of being so close to  on-coming traffic ; but this was not the case as described on the way back to the bus station.
Anyhow, something prompted me to sort of spiritual interview a business-owner, around the area I was in. I talked to more than one business-owner and heard their semi-stories; but, only one did I interview. And this was an odd and very short interview. Basically I asked the business owner one question: while some of his staff gawked at me. But like he consented in conversation to the one-question-ish interview; so; here’s the question I asked him: Would you rather come back here or go to heaven after you pass from this reality?
He answered: rather, go to heaven.
Other things he told me, were that he inherited his business from his family; and worked on it before inheriting it, as a career, already.

Notes or an Outline I wrote down around this time in my notebook: I’m assuming that I meant these notes or this outline with regard to my formation further of my homeless or home-with-out pilgrimage:

Phase I.
general   societal
Phase II.
of homelessness (or home: with-out)
Phase III.
of the poor.

The Four Interviews
The Four Interviews

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