Volunteer Notes; update:

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Volunteer Notes; update:
by Goura Fotadar (The Fictional VolunTier Project, and its capacity…)
(A Quickly Written Experiencing of My Experience)


I’m reaching that point where I could almost be experiencing stress. My own projects are cost-free at this point; but one project I am working on for an organization is one that costs money as in requiring sponsorship. Though I am in the process now going on about three weeks of working on procuring my next sponsor; this is a long waiting time; and the project is, I hope only, temporarily stalled. This experience is almost stressful for me. Not to mention that my birthday is coming up and though I do not need or think of this day as anything significant; the concept of little or few breaks or rest or vacation times, and living without an income and what that means in terms of freedom; all so that I can follow some “made-up” ethic about working a lot for no money; is all coming to a head; well, almost; I mean coming to a head can potentially turn into something positive or progressive or constructive or all; but in the waiting period it is just that: almost stressful. I don’t know how I do it?

In addition, should I include my fiction writing in The FVP or at least mention it here; I make no money on it thus far; and it does also take a lot of my time; for example right now, I am behind on two projects at least in this capacity. But certainly writing fiction and/or poetry for free does not mean that you are volunteer. However, there are of course “actual” volunteer projects going on independently, and without an income (by me)!

Almost Stress Full
Almost Stress Full

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