“The Hair on Ripping: Gender”

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career verse
career verse

“The Hair on Ripping”

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date: 06.22.2015

Quoted from Reference Text:
” |CHAPTER 1 |   159

History has shown that men have always held
all the concrete powers; from patriarchy’s earliest times
they have deemed it useful to keep woman in a state of
dependence; their codes were set up against her; she
was thus concretely established as the Other  …
Once the subject attempts to assert himself, the Other, who limits and denies him, is nonetheless necessary for him : he attains himself only through the reality that he is not.”

“The Hair on Ripping: Gender” by Goura Fotadar
I cannot say, that it has only been, men; for me. If not more; women have greatly affected the limiting mindsets that can perpetuate feelings of not accomplishing and/or not having accomplished, enough; in this regard, I speak specifically of career. Where the words of description; genius or even brilliance, can easily be ascribed to men, by both certain men and women; concepts of work-ethic; can easily position those bent on oppression to use labels of: “unhealthy” or “lacking clarity”; when none other can even fathom apply.
In many cases, of those of both genders bent on this form of oppression: hard-evidence no matter how many times, demonstrated; and no matter
for what length
of TIME:
does not change
their desire to
limit others;
using terms such as, “emasculation”
instead of;
instead of;
“unbelievable discipline.”

Nevertheless, I have experienced;
also the opposite: those that abandon or
grow from and/or shirk away from these
extreme in limited-limiting
pigeon-holes of perspectives;
not just
on “the Other”
as stated and defined and cited
in the/ from the, referenced
but also of
any “the Other”;
so that any that demonstrates
the “un-believable”
against what is
the pigeon-holers’
de Beauvoir, Simone
A new translation of the landmark classic by Constance Borde and
Sheila Malovany-Chevallier / Introduction by Judith Thurman

She's Unbelievable
She’s Un-believe-able Scowl detracts good

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