Prostitution Excerpt from “The Four Interviews”

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The Means
The Means

An aside of overhearing: Dated 02.17.14
In NH, one of the places I stayed in; I didn’t interview people and take notes; instead I heard their
stories as a friend might. So what am I saying? I actually liked some of the people I met as friends; but and
I really liked some people; but and and really disliked others. So when and and an example of the type of person
I did not like was the following:

Woman-I-don’t-like: “I saw an ugly whore and she was sitting on a corner. My friend told me to say nothing.I saw a cop, and I started yelling at her. Why don’t you get off your ugly ass, and stop complaining about the
cold; and get a real job. I yelled at another whore on the same street, and I told her to move. She probably
gets 10 cents; she’s so ugly and dirty.”

Here’s my perspective on prostitution in this country, only: (I’m sure I’ve shared versions of it
all over the place, but still; it’s in my notes:) I don’t have a personal experience about being
solicited for prostitution services in other countries, and so I don’t believe in that case I can speak to that.
On this pilgrimage,I have been asked numerous times if I were/ am a prostitute and/or would I/will consider
becoming one. Apparently, in SE -> NE US; the concept of begging for spiritual progress and progression for the
beggar and those begged from is not just unfamiliar but unheard of. Everytime I was asked if I would provide
services of the sexual nature in exchange for spare change, I responded in something like the following way:
“How do you know that I’m not
… an angel from Heaven
… The Lord testing you
… even a nun?
You can’t ask any of those; especially the former two sexual services. Trust me, you can’t.”

Speaking from another or the same spiritual
perspective, if you have the extra cash to
pay someone for sex, who earns their living this way; then why don’t you just
give them the money, and don’t make them have sex or sexual services for / with you.
Why not instead find someone who will just have sex with you w/out charge?


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