Notes on The Fictional VolunTier Project & My Identity

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I am grateful for all those that support me; but it is always horrifying to find and encounter those that attack me because they won’t support me. With a lot of work ahead of me; and the work is not a complaint: I can’t help but have no tolerance for attacks on my character and generosity; I can’t quite understand why it is considered acceptable behavior to attack somebody only because you don’t support them. It’s almost as if those that do not support others know how wrong they are being, and use attacks as a method of deceiving their own faulty character; by pushing onto another; instead of course dealing with themselves. How troublesome, Indeed.

(I also wonder when one poses a character attack or an occupational attack or any other form of attack; for no apparent reason other than their own faulty character; why then do they not expect a form of defense, back. Certainly, justice must be; if it hasn’t been.)

Early Morning Call
Early Morning Call

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