Aside (in Vernon, Connecticut) from “The Four Interviews” by goura fotadar for The Fictional VolunTier Project

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Aside (in Vernon, Connecticut):
I believe it’s called the Cellar; but I’m not sure.
Though the building can border on Spooky, depending if someone is there or

As Side: Oh
As Side: Oh

ot, when you go in; and who is there;
the Staff are Very Helpful; and if you have no Income,
you will be experiencing a Taste of Good Fortune; at a level,
you might not know yet to Appreciate; having had income or not in the past, or present, I suppose;
in other words, items of good taste in exception find themselves there; I’ve been complimented on almost all items of wear that I received from the Cellar. Simultaneously,
the Cellar is full of Useful & Donated Goods; that seem
not to make it to Most Clothing Closets for the Home: Out;
but unlike Clothing Closets, the Cellar requires a donation of some type.
So I had no income or money while there, and nobody to ask for this, there; that is, donation-worthy substance of material.
So then I happened to have an expensive sort of book, I’d planned on reading & keeping; handed
out for free at a local Soup Kitchen; along with rarities like a box of free and really good avocados; an income’d past caused me to develop problematic preferences for somebody without money; avocado was a love, and is now just good tasting; and obviously I’m a book lover,
but I gave it to the Cellar.
In exchange, I got clothes, expensive boots, two pairs;
a coat, also expensive;
a vintage though rusty suitcase for when I needed to leave CT;
at another shelter in CT, a staff person tossed my other vintage non-rusty
suitcase; that a Day Shelter in Manchester, NH, helped me purchase through
a voucher; when my other, or the one before, donated suitcase had broken, in the snow; HOME:OUT people need luggage;
reliable luggage; especially, when they’re moving from shelter-to-shelter,
and/or sleeping on the streets; garbage bags just Don’t Last or Travel
the Same Way in Rugged & Trying Conditions.
I also received from the Cellar;
a few books in brand new to good readable condition; that I love;
& a Useful but old Dictionary for My Writing Needs;
I had limited Internet Access in Vernon; I couldn’t just you know look up a word, whenever needed; and I was working on a novel called, “Purplement”; which I am still in my spare time, putting together;
but I had to leave this Dictionary behind, when I left; because it
was too heavy for my limited luggage capabilities;
I also got a briefcase type of bag; because believe it or not;
the last handbag I had, was a gift to me from an acquaintance who
then got arrested after we lost touch; but news of the acquaintance
being wanted by the police was all over, then; and so this bag was
more than mildly traumatic; plus months of everyday use;
had nearly torn it apart, and the rain; I often walked in CT, daily,
for miles, even when it was raining; and not often with the aid of an umbrella; kept
misplacing the one semi-broken one that had been donated to me; and the rain had made the handbag stink; in a way that wouldn’t wash or dry out. In the end of the handbag, I had to toss it out; it wasn’t even useable, then. I then had to do without a method of daily carrying, until I got the briefcase bag; that the Cellar
offered. Thank You donors to the Cellar, and the helpful staff, there. You helped me
get and find those items I needed, and found useful; in good taste, and usefulness.


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