The Spirit Work Out in Vermont; & Notes on My Volunteer Work

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by goura fotadar

date’d 06.04.15 (written; posted, first) ; updated: 06.06.15

After severe budget constraints; I have been forced to cancel one engagement for an organization possibly permanently; & re-schedule another while I wait for Sponsorship Fund to arrive.  These episodes remind me of the difficulty I experienced earlier this year; with other

volunteer venues; except of course now the problem is not the limitations of the venues, but instead my budget constraints.  This is in one sense a really good progression in volunteer selection for me & The Fictional VolunTier Project. As a result of these budget constraints though; I am now limiting my Project to be for, (in terms of work), two Official Organizations; while adding (keeping) an additional component; spreading to other areas for

& specifically;The Fictional VolunTier Project; this however, does not include the publications I am working on for this project. Though My Own, my goodness; it has been impossible. Soon, budgets though roughly worked out now, and are minimal;

will be thoroughly formalized. Important for sponsorship to keep me AFLOAT, and near future grant Options. That’s it, for now … except of course … all the Work! (Since the first version of this posting; I’ve actually gotten some rest, and also been eating more regularly; a great aid to me.)  I hope this posting makes sense; as it is being adapted with changing information, coming from limiting sources; such as, of course, budget and transportation issues that were once confirmed and then withdrawn; and so now have been re-directed to seeking Sponsorship for these basic volunteer needs; such as ‘taking the public bus’ and purchasing certain volunteer-related materials; I must add, I have some really decent experience in sponsorship seeking, with having been on a home:out pilgrimage nation-wide; where sponsors made my journey possible. Thanks again, Past Sponsors; and those willing to Sponsor Me Now for My Volunteer Agenda; also known as; The Fictional VolunTier Project!

A Story of My Pilgrimage
A Story of My Pilgrimage

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