An Excerpt of “The Four Interviews”

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The Four Interviews. a writing project of The Fictional VolunTier Project

an excerpt from "The Four Interviews"
an excerpt from “The Four Interviews”

by Goura Fotadar (an excerpt)

Fictional Voluntier Project
Fictional Voluntier Project

Typed Up on the 27th of May, 2015 — to?
Description: An interview summary while on pilgrimage, homeless of interview, notes (not fictionalized). Though the title of this write–up is “The Four Interviews,” this is misleading. To be quite honest because of all of the fictional writing that was going on for me, while on pilgrimage; I couldn’t remember the number of interviews, and personal non-fiction notes; considered worth sharing? I had. I remembered Four, only. However, my notes, non-fiction were interspersed with fiction; the limitations of HOMELESS PILGRIMAGE. I discovered that there were many more than FOUR.


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