Grant Requests … An Idea

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Date: 05/11/2015

Since I have yet another idea, and it is quite difficult to perform certain aspects of

volunteer projects without an income; I am researching grant opportunities to further

my community engagement activities. For one thing, I could really use an assistant to

better organize my schedule and help with the networking of at least one volunteer engagement; that alone is something like a part-time job; that I have been limiting because I have other projects to work on; in addition to my own art activities. I have come up with a

budget for how much my volunteer enterprises cost; and this includes how much an assistant for Fictional VolunTier will get budgeted.

(Also I need the time to brainstorm my new idea, but I have been bogged down with a variety of activities; and this leaves me little time for severe organization, which is what I need at this point: I have thus accepted the schedule advice of someone more experienced and I am breaking up my volunteer and art engagements so that not each is being worked on each day of the week; otherwise the hours get too much … and of course this is all done without

monetary compensation!)


-Networking Continues for One Project

-Assignment Work Continues for Another Project

-Brainstorm Time needs to be Factored into My Schedule for A New Project

-Scheduling one more engagement

(Aside: My next book is also being put together by me at this time; the work was done

months ago while on-pilgrimage but the time was not there to complete its organization. Though this is technically outside of my volunteer work; I consider it just as important;

and I keep up with my new fictional writings daily!)


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