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a quick summary:
By Goura Fotadar
Date: 05/07/2015
Copyproof’d by Goura Fotadar on same date to reduce confusion and causes of communication errors. This includes the definitions as used in American English of standard and non-standard words.

An attempt in a manner that is accessible to the public.

Participators of this project will be interviewed and their interviews will be brief in-length; approx. 30-minutes to 60-minutes in-length. My goal at recording is to record audio-only interviews, as mentioned on an earlier post, though keeping details confidential, as much as possible; for a variety of reasons, (i.e., the use of audio-only recording to turn into the project); the project requires some form completion, but rarely have I ever seen any participator struggle to complete these. All-in-all, the process of being interviewed should be straight-forward, simple, and non-threatening. After the data have been submitted to the project, the participators and any they wish to inform, can access their interviews through an on-line database available to the public.


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